Calibration Solutions

Calibration Solutions

Our goal is to make your calibration process as quick, friendly, knowledgeable and painless as possible every time. Our certified technicians and helpful support staff are here to assist you in making the process smooth and simple.

What do we do?
Electronics Calibration (DC Low-Frequency, RF, Microwave)
  • Includes items such as: multimeters, insulation testers, hipot testers, clamp meters, signal generators, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, LCR meters, megohmmeters, function generators and decade resistors etc.
Temperature / Humidity Calibration
  • Includes such items as: Infrared Thermometers, Barometers, Data Loggers, Chart Recorders, Refrigerators, Freezers, Environmental Chambers, Liquid & Glass Thermometers, Heat Guns, Thermocouples, and Temperature & Humidity Chambers etc.
Torque Calibration (ranges from 2 in lbs to 2 000 ft lbs)
  • Includes such items as: Torque Wrenches, Torque Screwdrivers, Torqometers, Torque Testers, and Torque Analyzers etc. Excludes Torque Multipliers.
Pressure Calibration (Ranges from 0 to 15 000 psi)
  • Includes such items as: Pressure Gauges, Differential Pressure Gauges, Barometers, Pressure Calibrators, and Pressure Transducers etc.
Volume Calibration
  • Includes such items as: Micropipettes, and Graduated Cylinders etc.
Force and Mass Calibration
  • Includes such items as: Weights, Force Gauges, Tensiometers, and Analytical Balances etc.
Dimensional Calibration
  • Includes such items as: Calipers, Dial Indicators, Rulers, Tape Measures, Inside Micrometers, Outside Micrometers, Micrometer Standards, Angle Blocks, Bore Gauges, and Thread Plugs etc.
Specialized testing, measurement, & metrology services
Where do we do it?
Onsite Calibration

Keep your equipment where it is and let us bring the measurement to you. In many cases, your calibration service can be carried out right there at your location. This keeps your tools with you and keeps your downtime to a minimum. When you submit your list to us for pricing, we will let you know right away if your order is suited for onsite calibration services, or if your equipment will require calibration in one of our labs instead.

In-Facility Calibration Service – Our technician comes to your location, bringing the appropriate measuring equipment (standards) and works inside your facility. This service is available at both the Richmond, BC and the Calgary, AB laboratories.

Mobile Laboratory – At Wescan Calibration in BC, we have a temperature-controlled mobile laboratory. This expands the range of equipment that can be calibrated on-site to include some more temperature-sensitive tools. Our technician comes to your location, collects your equipment from you and calibrates it inside the mobile lab, returning it to you upon completion.

Mobile laboratory service is not currently available at Wescan Calgary but it will be soon!

Laboratory Calibration

Sometimes, an onsite calibration service is just not the best option for your equipment. Or sometimes, you only have a few items for calibration and don’t meet the minimums for onsite service. Wescan will always work with you to try to minimize the impact of being without your equipment as much as possible.

Wescan’s facilities in British Columbia & Alberta both boast state-of-the-art, environmentally controlled testing laboratories designed with achieving the most accurate measurement for your equipment in mind.

Option One

Book Ahead! Although this is not required, it is strongly recommended, and much appreciated. We know that turn time is important to you, so when you call us to book ahead, we find the first available date, and reserve that spot for your service to begin. This helps us get your equipment back in your hands much more quickly than if you do not pre-schedule.

Option Two

Send it in! If turn time is not as much of a concern you can send it in without booking ahead. We will advise you upon receipt if there are will be any undue delays in the calibration.

How do we do it?
  • Skilled and knowledgeable ASQ Certified Calibration Technicians.
  • Experienced, friendly & competent calibration support staff.
  • Computerized calibration data management (24/7 access to your calibration records, certification, data & history via our proprietary web-based software, CalView).
  • Pre-booking service to ensure quick turnaround times.
  • Expedited service or after-hours service available. (Additional fees may apply.)
  • Calibration Due reminders. Never miss a calibration date again! Our monthly reminders will keep you on top of your calibration program.
  • Mobile laboratory calibration service.
  • On-site and in-facility calibration services.
  • Quoted up-front pricing. Multi-year contracts with locked-in pricing available.
  • Prompt Payment, Credit Card, & Paperless Certification incentives available.
  • Asset Management Programs.
  • Free equipment evaluation*. If we don’t know exactly what your equipment is, that doesn’t mean we can’t calibrate it. Often, through a physical evaluation of the unit, and a review of any specifications or customer requirements, our technicians can find a means of testing that will accomplish your measurement needs. This evaluation process is done at no charge to you.
  • Traceability to NIST, NRC (INMS) or other National Measurement Institutes
  • Quality management system governed by ISO/IEC 17025, Z540.1, and ISO 9001 requirements & regulations.
  • Special calibration programs are available. Wescan works with you to understand your requirements and develop a calibration program that works best for you and your business.
  • Individualized test, measurement & metrology services as required.
  • Audit support services.
Service & Certificate Levels
Service Levels

Wescan Calibration offers only one level of service….Excellent! Whether you have a routine calibration, an aircraft on the ground, a ship in port until tomorrow, or an auditor asking questions, Wescan technicians and support staff have got you covered.

You may not get a choice in the type of service you get from Wescan, but you do have a lot of other options to choose from to suit the requirements of your company and quality system.

All of Wescan’s calibrations are NIST traceable and are covered by our 90 Day Warranty.

Certification Levels

Depending on your needs, you can select from two different levels of certification as follows:

With Data

We can provide a Certificate of Calibration with Data (the readings taken during calibration) and Calibration Sticker.

17025 Accredited

We can provide a Certificate of Calibration with Data & Calculation of Measurement Uncertainties and Calibration Sticker.

Calibration Cycles
Calibration cycles & due dates are determined by you. Only you know how you use your equipment.

Tools that are used regularly, or that are highly accurate may require more frequent calibration. Tools that are rarely used or are less accurate may require less frequent calibration.

Your Quality System may also state-required re-calibration cycles for your equipment.

Wescan defaults to a 12-month cycle if your Purchase Order does not indicate the desired re-calibration period.

90 Day Calibration Warranty
Wescan warrants all of its calibrations (measurements) for 90 days after the calibration is performed.

If your instrument is returned and you feel it is not measuring properly, please let us know! Often our technicians can help resolve any issue over the phone. If not, we will gladly evaluate the item to determine if its fault could be related to the calibration service*. Wescan will be responsible for the cost of recalibration if the problem is related to the service performed.

*Note: In most cases, the act of calibration does not require us to open, disassemble, or otherwise modify your equipment. Should any adjustment be necessary that requires our technician to open your equipment, your written authorization will be required before we can proceed.