When clients call Pylon to discuss calibration services, one question that can arise is “do I ship my equipment in for service or can you calibrate it onsite?” The answer can depend on what specific equipment requires calibration, how much equipment needs to be calibrated and even budget allotments.

Onsite calibrations (also known as In-Situ calibrations) can be a very popular option for many of our clients as it offers some great advantages. One of the biggest advantages to onsite service is the equipment does not need to be shipped. Therefore the risk of damage due to shipping and handling is eliminated.

Another advantage is the reduction in downtime. Our Technicians work very closely with clients onsite to make sure any priority items are handled accordingly to minimise the impact on production. Should any complications arise, they can speak with contacts immediately and resolve issues promptly. Pylon understands the importance of keeping production and testing up and running.

Finally, there is the equipment itself. Some items are too large or just plain impossible to ship in (e.g., granite surface plates, shadowgraphs, etc.) or the equipment may be very delicate and it would not be advisable to move (e.g., electronic balances). In these cases, onsite calibration is the only option.

It is important to note that onsite calibration may not be the best solution for all customers. Normally, onsite work is scheduled on an annual or biannual basis which means all the equipment comes due for calibration at the same time. This model may not fit well with some operations and therefore sending equipment to the lab on a regular basis (weekly or monthly) can be a better solution. In addition to that, onsite service may not be practical when a customer’s equipment list is too small or too diversified. In those cases, we will recommend the equipment be sent to one of our labs for service. Finally, there is often an added cost associated with having Technicians perform the work onsite and an appropriate onsite fee is applied. Customers need to evaluate cost benefits for their calibration requirements.

If customers choose to have their equipment calibrated onsite, we will encourage them to take advantage of this service by having as much of their equipment calibrated during the visit. Prior to any onsite visit, we will have clients send us their equipment lists so we can provide them with an up-to-date quote and advise if any items need to come back to the lab for service. While not everything that gets calibrated can be done onsite, Pylon does its best to accommodate our clients. Even if something needs to be brought back from an onsite, we will do our best to get that item calibrated and returned as quickly as possible.


Written by Penny Leimbrock, Technical Manager for Pylon Electronics Inc – Mississauga.