Today we would like to take a moment to discuss how you– the customer– can contribute to a positive service experience.  From the importance of good communication and instructions to things that would be helpful to include, here’s the short list on how to minimize unnecessary delays, and get the most out of our calibration and repair services.

  • The type of calibration needed.
    • Pylon offers both accredited calibrations related to our scope of accreditation (please see our scope and regular traceable calibrations complete with test data. It’s the customer’s responsibility to identify when an accredited calibration is required – this is very important. You will know when this level of service is required based on your business requirements. However, if you’re uncertain, we would be happy to discuss it with you.
    • In addition, there are often price differences between the two levels of service. So, if you need an ISO 17025 accredited calibration, please make sure to include an instruction.
  • The observed fault for repair and calibration items.
    • Much like how you would not drop off a vehicle for service without describing the issue, it is best to give our repair technicians a starting point.  For example, if an instrument comes with no note, it goes to the calibration queue awaiting service. Our technician will not see the fault until we actually test it and then it goes to the repair queue. A few days can be lost because of this. Also, a detailed note about a fault helps cut down on troubleshooting time, which will help to get the unit back to you sooner.
  • The requested recall cycle.
    • Often, customers have a different recall cycle than the default one year cycle we use.  This is based on many factors, use and risk being just a couple.  Additionally, your quality system may increase the frequency of re-calibration if something fails or increase the time between calibrations if it passes.  As the factors that contribute to this are unique to your line of business, it is important that it is clearly specified so that your certificates and calibration labels reflect the correct recall cycle.
  • Any specific points needed for your test data sheet.
    • Calibration procedures are usually designed to cover specific functions and points within those functions that provide a thorough snapshot of an instrument’s performance.  However, for your specific application, if you need something that is not in the normal procedure, please include an instruction.  We want to ensure that you have the test data you need to best do your job.  If you are unsure if a specific function or point is tested as part of the procedure, our team is always available to provide assistance.  It is best to contact us in advance of submitting the unit, both to go over the requested modification and verify if there are cost implications.
  • Accessories for your units.
    • In order to minimize delays, it’s important to include a unit’s accessories.  In our labs we have most standard accessories such as basic cables, power cords, and adapters. However, many instruments have dedicated and unique cables, adapters (for power or Input/Output connections) or special software requirements in various formats. These items are often critical to complete the calibration.  Although Pylon actively works to identify what accessories are required during the quoting process, best practice would be to send in all the accessories normally used with the instrument. Your technical team who use the equipment daily will know what is needed.
    • If you’re unsure of what to send, our technical staff is always available to assist in determining what’s necessary.
  • Return shipping instructions and an account number.
    • If your preferred method of return shipment is a courier, please make sure to include the courier account.  This will minimize potential delays once the equipment is completed.
    • If your ship-to address is different from your bill-to, it’s also important to document that information.

As you can see, your involvement in the process is a key factor in contributing to excellent service. We look forward to working with you to ensure you are getting timely services that meet your requirements.

-The Pylon Team